Another Woman’s Beauty

thelake2I’m in a tween state again. You know, being in between projects. I have some other commitments this month, but I’m thinking about what artwork I’m going to do in July.  I have several ideas and I’m telling myself I’ll have the time.

This tween stage is the time were I think alot about my art. I look for inspiration. I see pictures in my head of design ideas. In my thoughts I work out details of how to execute the plan.

This time my tween brain is going back to my roots; environmental biology. You see, a couple weeks ago they started clear cutting 50+ acres of wetlands in my neighborhood. The wetlands are connected to the small lake we have in our subdivision. It bothers me that they’re in there cutting, but it is private land. There are some restrictions regarding clear cutting in wetlands, but they’re isn’t much to stop a private land owner from doing this.

thelake1It makes me think about my own impact on this area. I realize someone had to cut the trees on my land and my neighbors’ to build these houses. We continue to alter the landscape by planting things that may not grow here natively. But, I sure do love that Japanese maple in my front yard.

I can see that the future of my art is going to be influence by this thought process. I’m envisioning several art quilts. Trees seem to be heavy on my mind.

There’s also that pretty little flower that popped-up along the dam of our lake. So tiny and it looks like an iris or maybe a snapdragon. Every morning I walked past it and admired it. One day I decided to take photos of it with my cell phone, but I knew I really needed to get down there with my good camera to capture it better.

Two days after I took that picture, I made my morning stroll to the lake and found someone had trimmed the “weeds” along the dam. And, so went my little flower. One man’s weed, is another woman’s beauty.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Oh Nanette, what a beautiful photo. It’s inconceivable that someone would trim that down as a “weed”. I’m not sure that “weed” even exists in my vocabulary – especially one that blooms such as this. I think this is called Skullcap and is considered an herb. 🙂

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