In My Head

ellistileI’m working on a freelance editing job that is keeping me away from my sewing machine right now. I use my sewing table to spread out all the papers and sometimes it is just easier to let them stay there. Besides… working under a deadline leaves my brain fried with just a sparse amount of creative energy left to spare. But…hello?..its me. I always have to work on something.

I started envisioning this project 2 years ago and started actually working on it about a year after that. I’ve decided to put a deadline on it, so I’m doing my best to keep going. Its all hand sewing; no machine required. Ewww! I hate hand sewing, but every once in awhile I get an idea that requires me to use the skills that my mom taught me. So, I pull out the needle and thread.

hexagon_bill_smallThis has a potential to be a really great piece. Whether it goes anywhere besides my own home, that will remain to be seen. Either way it will be great to me, it has deep meaning to me.

The idea struck me a couple years ago, while I was on bucket list vacation in NYC. Walking the halls of a grand NYC iconic building, I found myself fascinated by the floor. I wanted to recreate it in fabric. I laid the dollar bill on the floor, because I didn’t have my measuring tape with me. A dollar is a good way to measure things when you’re in a pinch. (They are exactly 6.14 inches, just in case you wanted to know.)

And here I have the start of greatness. All these beige hexagons, hand sewn meticulously together. Pretty boring, huh? Ah, but if only you could see how its playing in my head.


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