Change is Important for Growth

I’m still using the word “resolute” to keep me focused this year. If you follow my blog, you probably know I do a lot of self-evaluation. I think its good to step back every once in a while, review were you are, and determine if you’re going in the right direction. I often think of life as being on a treadmill. You just keep moving without much attention to the details of what’s happening around you.

Prairie Flowers on the WingSometimes I forget to pay attention to the details. Its easy to do when you get into  a repetitive motion. Newton even wrote the Law of Motion to describe it;

“an object continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force.”

Simply stated, you keep moving on the treadmill, until something stops you from moving.

Through reflection, you can see a bigger picture and can make decisions about what needs to change in order to improve the current path. Sometimes you’re offered change when an opportunity knocks on your door. Other times, you have to seek out the options to create the change.

By focusing on the word “resolute,” I’m reminded to clear out the clutter. What am I doing that benefits me? What am I doing that doesn’t work? How can I change things to make it all run more smoothly toward my personal goals? And while I’m at it, I need to remember what my goals are.

In the last few months, I made a couple decisions that seem like set backs. However, when viewed in the bigger picture, they are attempts to relieve the clutter. With the clutter removed, I should gain more energy and focus to keep moving forward.

I realize that the last couple months I’ve been focused too much on the repetitive movement of the treadmill. I’ve been ignoring the details of what’s going on around me. By ignoring the details, I was also ignoring my goals and dreams. If I didn’t stop for self-evaluation, I wouldn’t know what decisions I should make. It takes time to decide what’s next and it takes a lot of energy to interrupt the forward motion. I’m doing it though. I’m working out the plans to propel myself into the right direction. Change is important for growth.

Are you reflecting and making changes?