I Found My Voice

Asian-beautyToday is Thursday. On social media today is considered “Throwback Thursday (TBT),” a day to post pictures from your past. Normally I try to write my blog on Wednesdays, but since today is Thursday I’m going to follow this popular trend and give you a TBT blog post.

I am currently making decision on which of my quilts I will submit to a couple different local art exhibits. One of which is the biennial quilt show that my quilt guild presents. It was ten years ago that our guild had its first show. This year will mark the third guild show that I entered.

I found these photos from the 2004 show. At the time I had only been quilting 3 years. It seems like a long time ago, but in the same breath it seems like a heartbeat in time.dog-yeared

I started my quilting career in the very traditional fashion. My first quilt was a log cabin quilt. I made several of those early on. Then I started to get into more complicated designs. The black and pink Asian “Stack and Wack” quilt was the one that gave me the “ah-ha” moment that I finally understood how to free-motion quilt. The silly Puppous Doggus Dog-Yeared Calendar quilt was conceived during my first attempts at technical editing. At the time, I had no idea I was good at technical editing. I’ve since edited over 80 quilt books.

I was prolific during my early quilting years. I was producing at least 1 quilt per month back then. But…the problem I had was that I was re-creating someone else’s designs. I learned a lot during the process, but I felt as if I was missing something. A couple years after these photos where taken, I dove in to a creative slump. This kind of quilting required too much perfection. I wanted more freedom.

In 2006, I stopped quilting and begin experimenting with mixed media. A few years later, I had a new set of skills and the willingness to experiment. I returned to quilting to make the art I create today. That’s when finally I “found my voice.”