Just Enter It

Hunters Moon at Campbell HouseLast Friday was the opening reception for the Arts Council of Moore County’s (ACMC) Fine Arts Festival at Campbell House Galleries. I entered my piece “Hunter’s Moon.” I made this piece over 2 years ago for a writer/art quilter collaborative project. My friend Ann wrote a poem and I created the quilt based on her poem.

Last year, was the first time I saw the ACMC Fine Arts Festival. I’m not sure why I never went before. I guess the term “Fine Art” struck me as something unattainable. I remember people asking me if I was going to enter something in the show and could never picture my work in this exhibit. When I saw all the artwork last year, I realized that, yes, what I do fits. Granted there’s no “art quilt” category, but mixed media suits what I do just fine.

Two weeks ago when I went on my artist play date, I met up with an art quilter friend. She told me that she doesn’t focus on entering her work into art quilt only exhibits. As long as the exhibit doesn’t specifically condone a specific media, entering art quilts in any exhibit is acceptable. You just have to refer to the rules of the venue.

When I visited Campbell House last week and saw my work hanging on the wall next to the other pieces, I realized the truth. What really classifies something as fine art? Other than the frames and mat board, I don’t see any real difference between my art and the others hanging on the wall. My goddess seems to fits well amongst the other pieces hanging next to her.

So I continue to learn. This time, I learned that I shouldn’t pigeon-hole myself or sell myself short. If I think I have a piece worthy of any exhibit, I should just enter it.