The Beauty Around You

bees and budsI don’t mean to be following a band wagon, but like many people I am saddened by the death of comic genius Robin Williams. I’ve tried to rationalize why it bothers me so much, but I think the main reason is that his death was by suicide.

I’m of the generation who first witnessed his humor on the TV show Happy Days. At that time, I wasn’t too impressed with his Mork character and found myself confused about how his character related to a 1950’s style TV show. That indifference quickly changed as I watched his career blossom with an ever increasing list of film and TV credits. It never failed, he made me laugh. In his serious roles, he made me ponder deep thoughts. I was a fan. I loved everything he did.

So, the question is how can a person with so much adoration end his own life? I know I wouldn’t feel so devastated if he died of some other cause. There was something deep in his brain that spoke louder than the joy around him. That’s both hard to understand and  also very close to the surface for many of us.

I think creative types seem to struggle more with these demons; the demons of negative thought. The trick is to use the energy for creative good and not fall prey to the deep hole that tries to suck you in. The loss of Robin Williams proves that even the best can get sucked in. Just remember in Robin’s own words, “Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.” Please seek help if you need it. Take care of yourself and enjoy the beauty around you.