I Better Get Sewing

Mountain SunsetI’m pushing myself with deadlines this week. There’s a show I want to enter and Friday is the deadline for submission. I have a couple other pieces I could (and probably will) enter, but for some reason I’m driven to make something new.

It would be great if I just had all week to devote to this mission, but I don’t. There is other “paid” work that has my attention this week as well. So I’ll do my best to complete this piece and probably push until the last minute with the deadline.

Several weeks ago, I tried to start on a different piece for this exhibit (I wrote about it here). I felt quite confident in my post about where I was going with it and then…the energy stalled.

I made a promise to myself to complete something new this month. … Do you know what is worse than making a promise to yourself? … Sharing your promise with someone else. You see, I could easily cop out if I had only promised myself. Excuses work that way. No one else knows about what you “planned” to do, so no one will care if you throw in the towel because you procrastinated.  Ah, but with peer pressure, there’s added incentive to accomplish your goals. Your friend will keep you honest.

Earlier this month I shared my to-do list for August with my dear friend and accountability partner (she did the same). I know she really won’t get on me if I fall short on anything. We both know life happens and occasionally things gets in the way. But, because I shared the promise with her, I have a greater incentive to achieve my goals. At some point, I will have to let her know if I failed and I better have a good excuse to explain why.

I’ve heard people say the same thing about dieting. You should tell people you’re dieting so they can offer you support, encouragement, and help keep you honest.

All of this is part of the journey. I’m learning about myself. I realize I need to feel like I’m being held accountable and I need deadlines. Without them, I feel like I flounder about without feeling I’m accomplishing things. We all have to find what drives us.

So Friday’s deadline is approaching and I realize I’ve just raised the bar regarding accountability. Now, you also know my goal…Oh dear, I better get sewing.