Ah ha! I did it. Thank you for keeping me STranquility2_smallaccountable so that I would meet my deadline last week.

As you can see from the WIP (“work-in-progress) photo below, I use a lot of thread. Each of those colors sitting next to my quilt were used somewhere in the finished project. I need lots of different colors. Did you ever see those displays of thread in the fabric store? Well, I frequently daydream about buying one of these displays and filling it full of thread. I’m sure none of the colors would ever feel lonely, because I think I’d use them all.

This piece wasn’t in my head for very long. Many of my quilts do take a long time in the mental preparation, but this one did not.

STranquility2_inprogressWhen I was in Chicago this past June, I stopped by a fabric shop which had tons of batik fabrics. I felt like I had walked into heaven. Although, I own lots of batiks, I couldn’t resist buying more. In this new acquisition, there was an awesome purple striped beauty. Within the fabric design, I could envision the sky at sunset as the sun slowly set behind the horizon. This fabric was the inspiration for my quilt. I used the batik for the background to create the sky and reflective lake. I added more fabrics to create the other elements of the quilt. Lots of thread and there it is, “Seductive Tranquility.” It came together quite fast, like serendipity.


Seductive Tranquility by Nanette S. Zeller
I’ve been here before, maybe it was just in my dreams. The majestic mountains call to me like a lost love. We are old souls waiting to reunite. I think of the mountains and feel the deep serenity flow into my body. We are connected in a very powerful spirituality. I will be back. Wait for me.