Slow Down and See

Collage InspirationI needed a break. I mean…I really needed a break. So my husband and I went on mini-vacation over Labor Day weekend.

We didn’t have an agenda. We had never been to Banner Elk, NC. So, we didn’t know what to expect. The only thing we expected to do was relax. We rented a house and chilled. We truly enjoyed the down time.

Today, I finally downloaded all the pictures from my camera. Its kind of funny how photos help you re-live an event. They sort of put you back in that zone. The sights, smells and emotions all come flooding back.

Another thing looking at these images does for me is give me creative inspiration. My brain is very aware of the exhibit I’m working on with 2 friends. It is not until November 2016. It seems far away…but time flies. We each promised to produce at least 20 pieces of art. That’s a lot when it comes to art quilts. In reality, there isn’t that much time.

So I look at these pictures I took a couple weeks ago and see art quilts with my name on them. With luck and motivation, they’ll be part of the 2016 exhibit. I also see that during my relaxation, I was working. I was opening my eyes to see new things and capturing what I saw in a photograph. I like working like that. Slowly. Thoughtfully. That’s how you find inspiration.

Sometimes you just have to slow down and see what’s around you.