Knowing That it is Loved

This past weekend was the Sandhills Quilters Guild biennial quilt show, Quilting in the Pines VI. It was a pretty amazing weekend. This guild knows how to put on a good show and our venue in a restored SQG_2014fair barn is just the perfect setting.

I like helping with the show. The more hands we have, the easier it is on everyone. Since we live in a popular golf community, the shows organizers decided they wanted to have a quilt covered golf cart with life-sized riders. For some strange reason I decided I would volunteer myself to make the human-sized dolls. I really don’t know why. Its not like I have a ton of extra time on my hands. Even the fact that I never made a doll before didn’t stop me from temporarily going insane and raising my hand to volunteer.

I immediately started collecting the supplies and The Girlsthen in early July, I started to have panic attacks about what I had signed up to do. What the heck was I thinking? I did a ton of research, but couldn’t find the right kind of directions on how to make a soft-sculpture doll head. I eventually found a blog post with directions which seemed The Girls 2like they would work. The only problem was they were written in Russian or some similar language. I was fortunate that the author posted lots of pictures of the process and I was able to follow them to get the heads made. Then came the bodies, the clothes, the shoes, and other accessories. Amazingly through all my self-doubt and with the brainstorming help of a few friends, Sara Sopi, the equestrian, and Pamela Pinherst, the golfer, were born. Everyone seemed to like our creative 3-dimensional addition to the show.

ribbonsDuring the show I volunteered to be the white glove lady. Since we don’t allow people to touch the quilts, the white glove lady is able to handle the quilts and explain more about the workmanship. I loved doing this job. It is so much fun to educate people on what we do. So many of the people I spoke with weren’t even sewers, but truly seemed to love looking at and learning about the quilting process.

I entered 3 quilts in the show, both of the art quilts I entered won ribbons. “Fireline” won a 3rd place ribbon and “Being Koi” won an honorable mention.Fireline Owner That’s pretty good considering I didn’t expect to get anything.

To top off the weekend, I got the biggest surprise near the end of the show when I had friends come tell me that one of my quilts had sold. What? Really? Who was it? I worked my way down to where “Fireline” was hanging and realized the new owner was a dear friend of mine. I was a little sad that one of my “children” was heading off to live with someone new, but the joy that such a dear friend bought it erased all of my separation anxiety. My heart melted and tears rain from my eyes when I realized its new owner. “Fireline” is in a good home and will be loved. My heart is calm knowing that it is loved.