Strong Women in My Family

burdick_japanA friend recently challenged me to spend 5 days posting black & white photos on Facebook. This doesn’t seem too complicated, except if you don’t have black & white photos to post. What I mean is… I need to go take some pictures.

Today marks my first day in this adventure and I think it should be a fun. It is going to force me to look at composition. The process may even inspire a quilt design, or 2.

The image I’m posting today is of a treadle sewing machine I own. The little figurine next to the machine is similar to one my sister owns. Both the sewing machine and the figurine mean a lot to me. When I see the little oriental girl, it reminds me of my paternal grandmother, Busia. She was the original owner of the figure my sister has. Busia was an exceptional seamstress. As a little girl, I remember her making me clothes and stuffed dolls.

The sewing machine is Burdick model made at the turn of the 20th century by Sears Roebuck & Company, Chicago. I purchased it several years ago because it was in excellent condition and was from my home town, Chicago. I love the simple mechanics of this machine and I love sewing with it. The smooth rhythm of the machine and the sounds she makes is quite soothing.

Sewing is part of who I am and also part of who each of the women in my family are. This photo nods to my heritage, my passion for sewing, and to the strong women in my family who inspired me.