Happy New Year! I’m glad to see 2015. Unlike some people I know, I haven’t compiled my list of goals for the new year. To me, goals, unlike resolutions, are just a list of things I want to accomplish this year. A to-do list per se. I’ll be compiling my list the next couple weeks. There are a number of things that need to get accomplished this year.

Another thing I try to do each year is come up with a word for the year. Last year, I chose the word “resolute.” I’m not sure if I really resolved things the way I had hoped…but I definitely made some clear decisions about where I’m going.

stumpThis year I’ve chosen the word “Purge.” I’ve chosen this because I feel weighted down with stuff. Over the last decade, my interests have changed. Back then, I was exploring a lot in my creative endeavors. I feel more focused now and don’t need to be hanging on to things that I don’t expect to use. Its time for a little house cleaning.

This past month I allowed myself some creative procrastination. As I was trying to clear off my work table, I noticed I had quite a few little projects waiting to be completed. I didn’t want to put them away somewhere, because I probably would forget about them. But I also didn’t want to leave them out, adding to the clutter.  These projects were purely for my pleasure, so I kept refusing to do them because I reasoned, “I should be working on my artwork “.

There were a lot of things going on for me in December and I knew I was procrastinating. I decided instead of complete procrastination shutdown, I should allowed myself time to wostump fabricrk on these little projects. I felt like it was a working (productive) procrastination. I wasn’t working on what I felt I was suppose to…but I was sewing and creating. Not only did this free clutter from my table, but I was rewarded with finished projects and a lighter load. There were fewer things on my plate to do. The lighter load was both mental and physical.

What I discovered, by allowing myself time for me, I freed myself of extra mental baggage. I soon found myself willing to stop the procrastination. I was ready to get back to my artwork. This week I put some major effort into my latest piece, aka “the stump quilt.” The idea has been sitting around for awhile nagging me. When I freed up the other clutter in my head and workspace,  I actually began making some major strides. The “stump” is ready and I’ve chosen fabrics for the background. A major hurdle has been crossed.

I chose my annual word “purge” because of this personal “experiment.” I want to experience more of this freedom. Its liberating.

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