A Work in Progress

I’m having one of those days where I feel like I’d be better off having a clone. I get myself involved in a lot of things. Sometimes it is purStump Quilte joy and other times it seems like alot of hard work. I’m sure everyone feels this way at one time or another. My issue is always trying to find the balance.

I’m still contemplating my yearly word, “purge.” Not only does it relate to material things in my possession, but also the clutter that is in my head. What nonsense can be removed so that things seem better. Keyword = Balance.

Working on an art quilt is somewhat similar. Instead of solely thinking about what to get rid of, I have to carefully consider what to put into it. Don’t add too much otherwise it will look too busy/cluttered. Again, balance. I audition ideas and think, does this stay or go? Or, maybe I should find something entirely different to create the same effect.

This past week I created the background for the stump quilt. I made the stump first, then I had to audition background fabrics. I was going down one path with the construction and decided that wasn’t going to work. I changed plans. The fabric I’m using is weird. In certain light, my solid-colored batik looks grey or brown (see center fabric in the picture below). I remember buying that fabric several years ago, matching it to the green fabric with the squiggles. They looked good together, a nice mossy green combo. When I stepped outside the store into the parking lot, I thought they had put the wrong fabric in my bag. That solid-batik looked so grey. What happened? Back in indoor lighting, it looked mossy green again.

Stump fabricThis chameleon effect is why I think my newly pieced background works so well. Its neutral. With small pieces, the fabrics blend together. Its harder to distinguish one fabric from the other. That’s what I wanted. Its working.

There’s a lot more that has to be done to this quilt. I plan to add embellishments to indicate moss and shadowing. Maybe some fungus and flowers. We’ll see. I’ll audition and add things, then “purge” things that don’t work. Eventually I’ll decide when enough is enough. Until then, it will remain a Work in Progress (WIP).

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