All the Help I can Get

StumpWhy yes, I have been absent for the past couple weeks. I’m glad you noticed. Life has gotten in my way the last couple weeks. Basically, I would forget it was Wednesday (the day I normally post) and then it would become Thursday (and I didn’t have time).

Among many personal things going on in my life, I also started a new job. I’ve gone back to my roots, my first love, and will now be helping people with their knitting and crochet. This does not mean that I’ve thrown in the towel with my art quilting (remember, I’m committed to an art exhibit in November 2016). This starving artist needs to eat and when an opportunity appeared, I took it. I’m loving it too.

So in the midst of a starting a new job and receiving bad news about the health of several people around me, I’m still trying my hardest to get the stump quilt finished by Feb 20.  That’s a little more than a week away. I’ll get it done. I promise!

I’m not confident the jurors of this exhibit will see the correlation of the stump with the posted theme, but that’s OK. I see it and sometimes its all about trying. My real intent is to have this quilt accepted into an exhibit with a deadline later this year. If it gets into the first show, that would be great, but my real hopes are on the second show. The second show is a bucket list exhibit. Please keep your fingers crossed for me either way. I need all the help I can get.



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