Times a wasting.

I realize I’ve been away for awhile. Last month, I took on some new responsibilities and was suffering from a thyroid condition. All this made me sluggish at keeping up with everything. I’m feeling better atree_sketchnd getting use to my new role in life. March is proven to be much better.

Right now I have one quilt, “Stump’d” waiting in a jury process to see if it will be selected for PAQA-South’s ARTQUILTSreminisce which opens the end of April. Fingers crossed it makes the cut. I am heavily involved in the production of this exhibit, so I have the advantage to see who my competition is. I don’t envy the jurors, there are some amazing quilts for them to select.

And while I’m waiting for that news, I’m working on another piece that is due in 2 weeks for Eye Candy Gallery’s annual Double Takes exhibit.  YIKES! Fortunately, the quilt is only 12″ x 12.” With this size I’m limited on what I can do. In some of the past shows, my pieces were 4 times that size. It should’t take very long…but the deadline is still there, knocking on my head to remind me.

So since, second-by-second the deadline keeps getting closer, I’m just going to skip back to the studio. Nice to be chatting with you again, but times a wasting.