One down, one to go.

"Stump'd" by Nanette S. ZellerIn the past month, I’ve had 3 major art-related deadlines pass through my life. Juggle, juggle, hurry, hurry. Oh…and don’t forget to breathe.

Today, I delivered my piece for Eye Candy’s “DoubleTakes: By the Square Foot.” I’ll share that quilt with you next week when the show opens. I’m very happy with the results. This is my 4th year in this invite-only exhibit. Each year I feel challenged to reproduce the photograph I’ve selected. Its been a good thing, because I know my skills have improved.

The other 2 deadlines where associated with the PAQA-South’s 12th International Juried Exhibit “ARTQUILTSreminisce,” which opens April 22, in Cary, NC. First I had to meet the deadline of  getting the quilt finished and submitted for entry. Then I had to wait for the jury process.

As president of this organization, I’m very much involved with the development of the exhibits. Even though I’m heavily involved, it doesn’t mean my work will be accepted by the jurors. In our last juried exhibit, none of my entries were selected. The jurors look at the work “blind,” meaning they don’t know who made the artwork. They judge it on its own artistic merits, NOT on who made it.

So, my 3rd deadline was related to the production end of ARTQUILTSreminisce. We had to take the jurors decision and make the announcements to the entrants on whether their quilts were selected or not. Sounds easy, but there’s a lot to do to make sure things are correct. Juggling this, work, and an art quilt deadline this week, made things a little hairy at times.

Breathe…its all in the past.

Stump’d was accepted into its 1st show! I’m very pleased! One down, one to go.


If you’re in town, please stop by and see the show:

PAQA-South’s 12th International Juried Exhibit
ARTQUILTSreminisceApril 22-June 21, 2015
Opening Reception: 6 to 8pm  April 24, 2015
Page-Walker Arts & History Center
119 Ambassador Loop, Cary, NC