Evolve, Learn and Improve

Tres Dominea LagerstroemiaIts that time of year again. Time for Eye Candy Gallery’s DoubleTakes exhibit. Its also time for me to share with you what I’ve done.

My partner in crime this year is photographer and Eye Candy Gallery manager, Nancy Rawlinson. She took a lovely picture of 3 crape myrtle trees. I chose this photo because I loved the red color of the trees created by the setting sun.

This year we were limited to creating a 12″ x 12″ piece. All the photos and resulting artwork will be the same size. I tend to work in rectangles and much bigger than 12″, but I decided to go for it anyway.

Nancy Rawlinson photoThere are reasons I participate in this challenge. One reason is I love the owner, Frank Pierce, and his partner, Nancy. They are so easy to work with and so very encouraging to the artists. The other reason is the challenge.

Although I frequently use photography as a catalyst to create my art, having the challenge of interpreting a specific photo steps things up a notch (or 3). Each year when I work on my piece, I feel pressure and uncertainty. There’s the time restraints caused by the deadlines, but there’s also the expectation of the photographer. Tres Dominea LagerstroemiaI’m challenged to do justice to their work.

This year I’m walking into the exhibit realizing how rewarding the last 4 years has been for me. The challenge of pushing myself is resulting in noticeable changes in my art; improvement. I see it, do you? In everything I do, I’m reminded, it is always good to evolve, learn and improve.

“DoubleTakes: By the Square Foot”
March 25- April 28, 2015

Eye Candy Gallery
275 NE Broad St
Southern Pines, NC 28387

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