Button on Her Chin

buttoned-up AnikaTime is whirling past me these last couple weeks. And it looks like it is going to keep moving quickly through mid-June.

Studio time has been limited, but I have been able to accomplish a few things. My main agenda is a big clean-up. The last few months, while I was busy working on new pieces, my studio space exploded. It is difficult for me to stop and clean-up mid-project. You put one spool of thread away and that becomes the one that you can’t find in the middle of a stitching marathon.

When the dust settles, I need to focus on getting things tidy again. Unfortunately, the last couple weeks have been a bit busy and although I’ve tried to pick up here and there, I haven’t found enough time to really get things in order. Again. Of course, buttoned-up AnikaI’m probably procrastinating too. I would love to just pull everything out of the room and slowly put it back in, heavily purging through stuff. Mid-summer looks like a good time to really get at it and start new.

In the mean time, I have another new piece that I haven’t shown you; “All Buttoned Up.” Just a little 5″x7″ piece for the display case for ARTQUILTSreminisce which opens later this month. My kitty, Anika, left us a couple years ago. Its a picture of her. When I took the photo, she had broken jaw with a tiny button holding the bones together. When the quilt comes back, I will sew the button on her chin.