I Feel Connected

Homefront & DownrangeGoodness. It has been quite awhile since I last posted anything. Two months. Has it really been that long? I’ve been on another one of my journeys.

Immediately following the opening reception for ARTQUILTSreminisce, I kicked into high gear to finalize production of another exhibit Homefront & Downrange which open this Friday at Campbell House Galleries in Southern Pines.

Neither of these exhibits are about me, but then are deeply about me. They encompass many layers and a variety of artists. They both are part of my journey in discovering new skills in planning art exhibits. Its also a journey about being connected to my community.

We’ve been planning Homefront & Downrange for 18 months. The idea was simple, bring a couple of artists to the Arts Council of Moore County (ACMC) for an exhibit representing the local military. This is a first time event for this town of changing demographics. Once only known for it’s population of retirees, golf and related support industries, this community has changed to now include a huge population of active-duty military families. The local economy has changed to reflect this flip in demographics. It was time we, as a community, recognized what is happening before our eyes. Art is a great way to tell the story.

Its exciting to watch as my community goes through this metamorphosis. Its no longer a sleepy place for retirement. The surrounding towns seem much more vibrant and full of life and young people. As the exhibit developed and its story unfolded, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who saw this. The people I spoke with shared similar emotions and where excited to see what we’ve produced. Its Kristin La Flamme and Hunter Rudd’s story, but its my story and the story of the people in this community.

What I’ve learned in this 4-year journey is that an art exhibit, in-itself, is also a work of art and craftsmanship. The success or failure of an exhibit has as much to do with the production staff as it does the artist. When you watch a movie or play, you don’t usually think about the costume and set designers. Most likely you don’t think of the stagehands and crew. And, I’m pretty sure you never thought of the publicists. They all work together to make the magic and that’s what needed for art exhibits as well.  It takes a village.

I’m happy to be in this place, happy to have been part of producing several art exhibits. Who knew 4 years ago that I would be doing this. Who knew that I would even enjoy the process. I’ve learned alot about me and how I can incorporate all of this into my own artwork. You learn alot about yourself when you help others.

I’m proud of be in the pit crew for Homefront & Downrange. I hold dear the story we are telling. I’m overjoyed by the response from the community. I adore and admire the artists I’m working with, such talent surrounds me. I’m having fun! I feel connected.


If you’re in the area please come see the story we’ve created:
“Homefront & Downrange: Witness the ART in Military Life”
June 5- July 10
Campbell House Galleries
482 East Connecticut Avenue
Southern Pines, NC 28387
For more information visit www.mooreart.org/homefront/