Another Lesson Learned

After so many months focusing on other things besides my own artwork, I’m trying to get back into the groove of things. I’m feeling a bit burned out and somewhat overwhelmed by all the little projects that I want to do. Leaf study

Earlier this year, I picked up a part-time job to help financially. Because of this job (which I love), I have the ability to be more picky about what I’m doing. I’ve decided to scale back on teaching, there are quite a number of interesting things going on this fall and I need to pay attention to overcommitment. Also with the deadline of the November 2016 show at the Arts Council, I need to be focusing on creating new pieces. There’s not a lack of ideas, that’s for sure. What’s holding me back is feeling the right mojo to gWalkinget started.

Most of what I create involves a lot of thought and research. I am mentally working on my next piece, but it isn’t ready to be rendered into fabric yet. Its very close. When the mojo is right, I’ll started putting thread to fabric.

In the mean time, I’m working on my artist skills. I always heard that when you’re in a slump to take classes in another medium. I found Jane LaFazio’s online Sketchbook Watercolor classes and decided to have a go at it. African Violet

I’m on the last lesson of this 5-week course and let me tell you its been a challenge. The first couple of weeks, I felt awkward as heck working in watercolors. I really wished I could be taking a real-time class than one online, I just wasn’t getting the feel for it. Then, about the 3rd week, it started clicking. This class is about sketching…doing things rather quickly…but above all for me it was about seeing. Once the paint to paper relationssewing machinehip started making sense, I could relax and focus more on light and shadow.  This is really going to be helping me with my art. Years and years of art and drawing classes seems to be paying off.  I know how to see the details.

I almost gave up on this class, but I was persistent. I paid for the class, I was going to do the homework and finish all the lessons.  How many times have a I heard, “Its all about putting in the time.” Well I proved it again. Things aren’t always easy, but you need to put in the time if you want to improve. Another lesson learned.