Making Stuff

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. It is the official start of the holiday season and begins the countdown to the new year.

Sewing StripsThis year has been a blur. A mixture of fabulous memories and stressful ones. Annually, when the new year approaches, I begin to ponder what’s next. Where am I going next? Things aren’t so clear right now. I know I have to put in plenty of studio time for the exhibit I’ll be in next November, but I’m finding my enthusiasm isn’t there. I have ideas, but something is making me procrastinate.

Last week, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit London. We visited many museums and saw some fabulous things. London is full of history and proudly shares it with visitors. One thought that filled me was how fleeting it all is. With each object I saw, I imagined the people who were involved. Wouldn’t they be amazed that hundreds or thousands of years later someone would still be looking at what they left behind.

Another thought is how much stuff we have. What becomes important society or for the individual? As a creator, I ponder what makes people want what I make. My media is fragile. Textiles disintegrate over time. Some of the things I apply to my quilts, like paints and glue, may hasten that process. It’s something, to embrace when working with textiles.

A question I ponder is how does one person get recognized over another? I’ve decided its not always all about skill. There is something else, which may be as simple (so to speak) as a great marketing. The big picture question to ask is if being recognized is all that important? Or, is it better to enjoy the process and be Ok with the final outcome.

I’ll keep thinking about all of this the next couple months and come up with a plan. Until then you can find me in my studio, making stuff.