Until there isn’t any left

Goodbye September. Here in the southeastern United States, we are heading into fall. The humidity is gone (YES!!) and the days are much cooler. When I was a kid, I remember wanted so badly to be a grown-up person. I remember life feeling like it just dragged itself through to the next day. Many decades later, I am here now and respecting how fast it all has gone by.

Changing of seasons is one of those yearly milestones that makes me stop and think about the journey. This is especially true when we enter fall. In a flash, I know it will be the new year.

Grounding is a good way to return back to center; focus on what is here now. I am grateful for all that I have, where I am, and the journey that got me here. However, there are so many things I am still eager to accomplish.  I’m returning to my mantra of “one foot, then another.” This is the only way to move forward; one step at a time.

As I transfer into the next season, I’ll take the time to reflect, yet respect that there’s always time…until there isn’t any left.


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