To own it

I made this week’s deadline for getting my artwork created, prepped, photographed and delivered to The Arts Council of Moore County’s gallery.  I’m participating in this exhibit along with 3 other talented women. The exhibit opens on Friday, November 3, 2023.

I’ve learned a lot about myself over the past 2 years since I agreed to participate in this event. There was lots of mental planning, distractions and procrastination. I always think I have time, until I don’t. It will be interesting to see how my artwork is received. I’ve experimented with some ideas and definitely worked smaller than I usually do.

Entering one artwork into an exhibit is a different process from doing a solo or group show where you’re expected to produce many pieces to fill the gallery walls. To be honest, a concern is whether it will pay off…financially. There is a lot of money invested in producing artwork. Not everyone enters an exhibit opportunity to sell their art, but a good majority do.

I decided many years ago that I wanted to sell my art, because I didn’t have room to keep it. I also had given enough away to family and friends that they reached a saturation point. I had choices: 1) stop making so much or 2) sell it so I had room to make more. I decided to sell. There are a few pieces I wish I still had, but for the most part I cut the cord on ownership when I sell the art. Like most artists I know, I’m not getting financially wealthy selling my art … very few have that luxury. I am, however, receiving heartfelt wealth. This type of wealth is never monetized in a bank account, only felt in our soul. When you purchase original art you provide the artist with a sense of pride and joy knowing you liked their work enough to own it.

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