Positive changes happen

Did you get to see the eclipse this week? Where I live in North Carolina, we had 80% coverage. I wish I could have seen a full block out, or “wedding ring,” but it just didn’t work out this time. In 20 years, we’ll hopefully get another opportunity.

I took time off to watch the phenomena. Too many trees around my home to get a clear view, so I traveled to a nearby town to watch the sky from an apple orchard (and cider house) surrounded by strangers. I “try” to believe in astrology and ponder how this new moon will affect me. But I’m also a scientist by education who comes from the school “show me.” I need to see it to believe it.

I do feel something is shifting. Maybe I’m just fed up with some life patterns I’ve fallen into or maybe the moon energy is telling me to change. Or maybe it is just the overall feeling of imbalance in the world right now. What I know is my art is important to me! I also know I love to share my knowledge through teaching and encouraging others in finding their creative outlet!

I’ve already started (or maybe its “re-started”), to address some of the things that I feel are holding me back. Whether, the astrological changes from this week are real or just wishful thinking, I hope (for both you and me) that only positive changes come our way.


[Have you noticed any changes since the eclipse?]

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