What they were suppose to be

Pages 13-16 of a 100 Day Stitchbook Challenge 2024 (20 pages in 100 days)

I’m a little behind in sharing my progress with the 100 Day Stitch Book Challenge. I started the project back in January and, as I write this, I’m 3 days away from completing the 100 days. Each of the past 97 days, I stopped for at least 15 minutes to do stitchwork on a small piece of cloth. I spent 5 days working on each of the 20 pieces of fabric.

Pictured here are pages 13-16 which I’ve been working on the last 2 months. I’ll post the last 4 after I finish them and I’ll also share all the pages compiled into a little fabric book.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been reminded to always keep learning new things. I have always loved learning. I’m also curious how things work. I took on this challenge mostly to see if I could be consistent with my work, but I also started it to see what it was all about. Why is it that there are so many 100 day challenges starting in the new year? Why would someone want to join one?

I’m personally learning more about my art. I use to do a lot of embroidery, but I never felt I was good at it. I’ve seen other textile artists make these fabulous hand-stitched creations and I would think I wasn’t good enough to try. What I realized is the “perfectionist” still lives in me. She wants everything to look “just so!” What I’m learning is that even though the perfectionist lives in me, I’m not one. I don’t have the patience for the perfect stitch. I have to tell myself that I like what I’m creating, even if it is not “perfect.”

This stitchbook challenge has reminded to let go of expectations. Even if things don’t start out (or end) where I expected, my creations always become what they were suppose to be.

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