See how this goes

There has been a lot going on for me the past few months. The stitch challenge kept my creative self challenged, but now it is time to work on some bigger projects. I’m trying to figure out which to start next. I have a bunch of video editing that needs to get finished, too. Although the editing has its own level of creativity to it, it doesn’t completely satisfy my persona that loves working with textiles.

Through the challenge, I realized that I need something that I can work on in really small doses. Sitting and working on one project for several hours straight does not fit into my lifestyle right now. There always seems to be something that competes with my time. (I’m sure you can relate.)

Earlier this year, I created some printed panels to work on during times like these. These are just what I need right now. I’ve always found it is helpful to have multiple projects going at one time. This way I can switch into something that fits my mood (or time) for that time frame I have available.

My plan is over the next couple weeks, to take breaks from editing to work on the panels. We’ll see how this goes. 


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