Attention every day

My biggest take-away from the 100-day stitch challenge I completed last month was that 15-minutes is a very doable time to work on something and see progress. Everyone, including myself, is stretched with commitments. Sometimes they are self-imposed. Other times, they are obligations where someone else is expecting our time. With so many these things pulling at us, it is hard to add “just one more!” But, it is also frustrating to crave creative time and not have it. It may feel like a frivolous indulgence that doesn’t require priority in our schedule. So we put it off to another day when we have time.

I frequently have thoughts of projects I started. Especially those which I seriously want to complete, but keep putting off for another day. I get an overwhelming feeling that weighs heavy on me. When I think about the projects I want to work on, I feel stress and disappointment.

I don’t believe caring for our mental well-being is frivolous. So I’ve been thinking about these projects wondering how to get them done and letting go of the one’s that I’ve truly lost interest in. The 15-minute sessions in the stitch challenge seems like an answer to me. So, I’ve set priority on a project I’ve been working on for at least 10 years.

Its a hand-stitched hexagon quilt. I had the idea when I visited Ellis Island in New York City many years ago. I was taken by the 3″-wide hexagon marble tiles covering the floor. I was also feeling the spirit of my grandmother who walked on those very floors in the early 1920’s. After seeing the floors, I decided I would make a tribute to her … and .. it is still not done.

Late last year, I pulled out this project from its hiding place and starting working on it again. I’ve made some progess, but again, its been slow going. At this stage in the process, I’m hand-quilting the layers together big-stitch-style. I’ve decided I will finish this quilt this year. But, first, I need to get the quilting done. I’ve decided there’s no better way to accomplish this, then to give it 15-minutes of attention every day.


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