Up the color

I wish I could have captured a photo of the moon Wednesday morning as we drove to the gym. It looked huge hanging in the sky in this beautiful shade of red-orange. It won’t be full until Thursday morning and should be visible for a few days. [If you read this in time, maybe you’ll see it too!]

This week I was listening to a podcast about making YouTube videos and the guest casually said that when he looks at things his attention goes to counting what he sees (Example: 2 cars each with 4 wheels).  I found this fascinating and started asking myself what do I focus on. My immediate answer was color. The orange moon! The grey cat and the women with the blond hair wearing a green dress. And, is the color of the water in the ocean blue or green?

Another thing that grabs my attention is the fauna and flora. Bees, birds, dogs and cats catch my attention. I notice their color, too; like the great blue heron, that doesn’t look blue…but sure is great!

I wonder if I should be paying more attention to what grabs my attention. I use a lot of flora and fauna in my art, but I’ve not really pushed the envelope on the colors. I am most attracted to vibrant colors with stark contrasts, but my work tends to be more muted … safe. Just wondering if maybe its time to up the color!




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