Isolated and quiet

In the early years of the Internet, blogs were big thing. If you wanted to get seen, or more specifically heard, you developed a blog and shared your stories. There were a lot of people who became well-known communicating this way to their followers. Then, came Facebook and Instagram. Now, TickTock and who knows what else. Its a challenge to keep up. But with all the options, it is important to find the space that you feel most comfortable.

Right now, I feel most comfortable on Instagram. I love it mostly because of its original intent of sharing images. I’m following and being inspired by people I would never have found without Instagram. But, I’m hearing from so many, that it doesn’t hold its glimmer anymore.

Recently, on Instagram, one of the artists I follow asked if people still kept blogs. I shared that I did. Its not so “cool” anymore, but I continue because I like to write (always have). I also hope my dear readers (yes, I mean you!), find a glimmer of commonality in what I share. I hope…at least occasionally…you say to yourself, “yep, that’s how I feel too!” I hear back from some of you, so I know I’m at least a little successful with my plan of public journaling.

When it comes to the “Socials,” I find I still like Instagram the best (shameless plug warning: @nanette_sewz ). I love checking in on what everyone is creating. But I know both Instagram and Facebook, control what I see based on what “they” think I want to see or more importantly … how much revenue they can make off their sponsored ads. I’m definitely feeling a little disheartened.

There are other platforms coming available for us creatives. However, I built this place from scratch many years ago. I self-host the site and I am solely responsible for all the content and how I advertise. For that, I’m truly appreciative for you being here while I follow my muse. But, I’m curious what you think of all this technology and social media? Where is your go-to to place to find connections with people online? Is it all too much or do you seek more?

While you ponder those questions, I’ll share this week’s photo. It is a quilt I finished quilting a few days ago; simply an egret walking slowly through a marsh. It kind of reminds me of how I feel trying to stay connected with people online. There are alot of voices talking and vying for my attention. However, even with all that clamor, it sometimes feels very isolated and quiet.


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