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You’re invited to an artist’s reception

Don’t forsake me, oh blog-o-sphere, I have not left you forlorn. My creative energies have been running on high octane, which limits my time to be by your side. The days, hours, minutes and seconds are counting down as I prepare for my exhibit as October’s featured artist at LiquidAmber Gallery and Gifts in Pittsboro, NC.

For this exhibit, I am proud to say I will have an entirely new collection of work for your enjoyment. I’ve been busy, busy, busy…thinking, dreaming, and executing my ideas. This exhibit has encouraged me to step back into my roots and break the rules. The best way to describe my work is as an art quilt. Just don’t let the word “quilt” confuse you, these pieces are not just quilts. They are art pieces that merge my love of fabric and quilting with my love of paints and mixed media.

Above all, these new pieces truly reflect my life-long culmination of creative adventure and exploration with a color pallet deeply influenced by my love and study of nature. I spent many years walking through forest and wetlands, the beauty I witnessed first hand has deeply affected me. With this opportunity to work with LiquidAmber, I have pulled from my core, dug deep into my soul and produced a collection for which I am very proud.

I invite you to join me for the Artist’s Reception on Sunday, October 2, 2011 from 2 to 4pm. If you can’t make it for this first Sunday reception, you can view the display any time in October during LiquidAmbers’s normal business hours.

Gallery Hours:

Closed Mondays, Tues thru Fri: 10:30-5:30pm
Sat: 9:30 – 5:30pm, Sun: 11:00 – 5:00pm

I’m Sure You Will Have Fun!

Ah Spring! Seeing the explosion of color all around me makes me want to paint everything.

Over the years, I’ve explored a great many techniques for adding color to fabric. Why? Because, sometimes pre-designed materials you find in stores just won’t work for a given project. Other times, you just want to create something that’s totally you.

For a fiber artist, facing a blank piece of fabric is very similar to a painter facing a blank sheet of canvas… the possibilities are endless. In fact, when it comes to surface design many of the tools available to the fiber artist can can also be used on painter’s canvas or water color paper. And, many techniques that the painter is using can be used by the fiber artist.

You may be asking what is surface design? Just what is says, simply a way to add design to a surface using a variety of techniques and media to alter appearances.  watercolorThese days, the term is most commonly heard amongst quilting and mixed media artists. The use of surface design has played a critical role in the recent advancement of non-traditional art quilts. Quilters are painting their designs on fabric and quilting them to create stunning works of art. You can see some of this in action by viewing the works of Susan Brubaker-Knapp.

The exciting thing is that many surface design techniques that art quilters are using can, with equal success, cross media into traditional 2-dimensional artwork and collage. The processes are fun and liberating, because they open up opportunities for experimentation. Its like being a kid again…rules are few and its acceptable to break them.

Are you curious about surface design? Do you want to find out more? Better yet, do you want to enjoy some creative play? Then join me for a class at:

Artists League of the Sandhills

6-8:30 pm, Wednesdays, April 28, May 5, and May 12

Price: $50 League Members/ $70 Non-members

Class: Surface Design Using Mixed Media
Instructor: Nanette S. Zeller

Short synopsis:
During  this 3-session course, students will use creative play to explore a variety of surface design techniques using acrylic paints, watercolor pencils, Shiva Painsticks, and other tools. In class, the student can choose to apply the techniques to either fabric or watercolor paper, or experiment with both surfaces. The resulting designs can be applied to 2-dimensional surfaces, used as collage elements, or incorporated into art quilts. This workshop is intended to inspire both new and experienced artists to include surface design into their artwork.

If you want to find out more, contact the Artist League at 910-944-3979 or visit their web site at I really hope you will join me and don’t forget to tell your friends. I’m sure you will have fun.

A Life Filled With…(dreams)

For months now, I’ve been hinting at a big secret that I wanted to share with you. Today is the day you get the news. I am officially published in a National quilting magazine, Better Homes and Gardens Spring 2011 Quilts and More. Yeah! Seems like ages ago that I submitted my pattern for the flower topped pincushion. I work in the publishing biz, so I know things take time. I really wanted to share the news with everyone, but in the biz its not really real until its on the shelf.

Its on the shelf now! So, go check it out at your local magazine rack. My “Early Bloomers” pin keeper will be happily waiting to see you on pages 26-29. Along with my pincushion, there are some great patterns. I adore the owl quilt and hamburger pincushion is pretty darn fun.

I’ve been making pincushions for several years. The basic shape was simple, but the toppers just weren’t working for me. You’ll find several renditions if you look back through the pages of this blog. In an attempt to streamline my sewing process, I developed a unique zinnia flower design. The pincushion was so easy to make I decided it was a good project to pattern and kit. Thanks to the folks at Better Homes and Garden Quilts and More magazine, the pattern is available in their Spring 2011 publication. Thanks to my Etsy shop you can purchase the kit to make one in any of the three pictured colors.

This is exciting for me for a couple of reasons. Not that I haven’t been published before, but you may have missed the handful of articles I wrote for now-defunct e-magazine titled Fibre and Stitch. And I’m sure its unlikely you saw the 1995 publication of my graduate research in Wilson Bulletin (a scientific ornithological journal). This publication is different because it is a widely distributed National magazine and one that I love to read.

The other reason it excites me is because my godmother had faith in me. When I first got word of the acceptance, my godmother told me she always looked at the Better Homes and Gardens quilt magazines (they have several) and hoped to find me published within it. I couldn’t tell her then, but I can now…her dream came true and I am so happy that she should live to see it. Today a copy of the magazine and one of the pincushions is heading her way with my love.

I’m blessed in many ways. I’m also happy to know that the next half century of my life I will be working in an industry that I love. I’m glad you’re joining me on this journey. Here’s to a life filled with textiles, wool, misc. fibers, and dreams.

Note: This is a quarterly published magazine that should remain available until April 26. Can’t find it? I have some for sale on my Etsy shop along with the fabric kits and the crushed walnut shell filling to make your own pincushion.