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The Perfect Storm

I’ve been putting myself out-there the last couple of months and the rewards are starting to pay off. In the past month, I have been offered a variety of teaching gigs. To start, I’ll be teaching basic creative sewing classes at the community college. I know I”m going to find these classes rewarding. So many people are intimidated by it all. So many of us have been told we “can’t” do something for one reason or another. Sewing isn’t difficult, but it is a skill. When we’re not “perfect” when we start something, we just tell ourselves we can’t and give up. It takes time to perfect a skill and that’s why I chose to teach these classes. I get such joy from my sewing. If someone thinks they want to sew, I want to help them get there.

Other teaching opportunities have opened up, to include teaching surface design at local non-profit artist group in town. I’ll post more about this when the details are finalized, but I have to say I’m excited to share my joy of creative play.

In other news, my big secret will be revealed next month. I am so anxious and excited about this, but I must wait until I’m told it is OK to share the news.

My big news for this month was hearing that a piece I submitted to the 2012 Quilting Arts Calendar competition was selected as a finalist. The winners will be selected mid-February. I am so honored to be a finalist, I know the talent that enters this competition. Quilt artist Susan Brubaker Knapp is also one of the finalists. I met her a year-or-so ago and have been a fan since. Her work inspired me to create my entry, so you can imagine my honor to be in her company as the Quilting Arts staff makes their final selections.

My inspiration for all of this occurred in August. I had to make the difficult decision to put my old and sick German shepherd dog out of his misery. For 12 years, he was part of everything I did and making this decision rocked my core. His passing forced me to think about what I was doing with my life. I realized I had gifts to share, so I decided to really pursue teaching opportunities. I also realized that I have a passion for what I do. Creating things is more than just a hobby, it is the core element of my being. So, I am placing more focus on creating and then sharing what I make with others. This year I am hoping to inspire people as others have inspired me. It took “The Perfect Storm” (aka my dog) to show me the road.