Workshops & Lectures

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AN ARTISTIC JOURNEY: Finding Your Own Voice

In this trunk-show style lecture and slideshow, Nanette shares her journey of discovering her own artistic voice. Follow along as she describes learning how to quilt with traditional piecing and then switching to mixed-media art.  Her journey of self-discovery will provide the viewer with inspiration and confidence to seek their own creative style.

ART QUILTS: Using Fused Applique and Thread

In this trunk-show style lecture and slideshow, Nanette explains her inspiration to creating her original art quilts. Nanette will share tips and techniques on how to use fusible applique and thread painting to tell a quilted story.

ART for ADVOCACYUsing Art to Raise Awareness for a Cause

In this open-discussion and slide show presentation, Nanette explores a variety of opportunities organizations can use to promote their mission.  As an mixed-media textile artist and art quilter, Nanette has worked with several non-profit organizations who used art as a means to educate the public, foster awareness, and raise funds. In this presentation, Nanette will share her experiences with using art to advocate and raise financial support for a cause.

Full Day Workshops

Creating Highlights and Shadow with Colored Pencils
– 6 hours

This course explores the use of Prismacolor pencils on fabric. These colorful pencils can add highlights and shadows to ordinarily flat, 2-dimensional fabric applique. Students will learn tips and tricks for successfully using colored pencils to enhance their textile art.


The Painted Quilt Canvas
– 6 hours

Discover how paint can be used to show off the amazing texture of a quilted background. Students will create a painted quilt canvas which can later be embellished with applique or other techniques. Students will learn who to apply paints to fabric and work with the finished painted canvas. Machine quilting experience is helpful.


1/2 Day Workshops

Thread Painting Basics
– 4 hours

This course, frequently referred to as free‐motion embroidery, teaches the basic techniques needed to color with thread using a sewing machine. In a hands‐on process, students will learn how to successfully use fabrics, stabilizers, threads and in their thread painting projects. Students will learn techniques to layer and blend thread colors. Tips will be presented to help students develop their own style and use their newly found freemotion embroidery skills in their quilting projects.

Create Your Own Mandala on Fabric
– 4 hours

In simplest terms, a mandala is a circular design with a concentric pattern. It is frequently used in
religious, spiritual or meditative practices. The design has grown in adoration with the recent
popularity of adult coloring books. They are really fun to color. In this class, you will embrace your
creative spirit and learn how to design your own fabric mandala. Then, taking a nod from adult coloring books you will explore ways to color your design to create a truly unique medallion to use in your quilting and sewing projects. No sewing machines required during this class.

Zinnia Pincushion
– 4 hours

These cute flower topped pincushions are easy to make from a variety of fabrics. These pincushions are heavy and mold to fit the surface you place them on so they stay in place. The walnut shell filling is a great eco-friendly filling which polishes your needles and pins. This is an updated version of a  pattern I had published in Quilts & More magazine (Spring 2011).