Lectures & Workshops

A Note From Nanette:
Below is a list of prepared LECTURES and WORKSHOPS that I teach live using video conferencing technology (Zoom). My presentations are suitable for beginners, but also include tips and tricks that should pique the interest of more advanced textile artists.

~~~ My role as an instructor is not just to show you how-to, but also inspire you to go further. ~~~

During my virtual workshops, I include short prerecorded “how-to” videos which provide each participant with an up-close view of my artwork and processes. This provides more time for interactive attention, and high quality instruction with fewer possibilities for equipment glitches. My workshops can also be presented as lectures.

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Lectures/Trunk Shows

Unless otherwise noted, lectures are 1 hour presentations which includes time for questions & answers.


Nanette’s art is greatly inspired by nature. She frequently refers to this artistic style as naturescapes. With nature-inspired textile art, the challenge is that there is never just one way to create a tree or leaf or animal. In this lecture, Nanette shares the diverse possibilities for creating nature-themed artwork. She will also introduce you to a variety of techniques to help you produce representational renditions of your own favorite naturescape.

Nanette has worked with a variety of mixed-media tools to create her art quilt nature scenes. During her creative journey, she developed techniques to add realistic looking details and shadows to her fusible applique designs. In this lecture, Nanette demonstrates how she uses colored pencils and crayons on fabric and shares the pros and cons of each variety of coloring utensil. With her tips, you too can achieve painterly looking textile art using colored pencils!


From a young age, Nanette was driven by the desire to create, but her life was also filled with plot twists and challenges. It wasn’t until she embraced her creative spirit that the magic happened and the artistic journey came full-circle. In this lecture, Nanette shares motivational techniques to feed your inner creative and find confidence to develop your own artistic style.


During the pandemic shutdowns of 2020, many people turned to creative outlets to get through this emotionally challenging time. This is understandable when you consider documented evidence that having an art practice is beneficial to improving overall mood and feelings of well-being. In this lecture, Nanette will share her creative journey and discuss ways to embrace art as a mindful practice.


From supplies to techniques, this a shorter version of Nanette’s course “Paint with Thread.” This lecture will familiarize with the basics of how to paint with thread with plenty of examples of Nanette’s nature-inspired art. Includes, videos demonstrating the techniques.



Nanette explains her inspiration for creating original art quilts using fusible applique and thread painting techniques. In this lecture, Nanette will share tips and techniques on how to use fusible applique and machine stitching to tell a quilted story. Lecture includes details on stabilizers and thread options.


WORKSHOP LECTURES Any workshop (listed below) can be adapted and presented as an 1-hour lecture.



Note: workshops can also be presented as lectures

– 3 or 6 hours

Thread painting, frequently referred to as free‐motion embroidery, adds color and texture to an art quilt. This workshop teaches basic techniques needed to color with thread using a sewing machine. In a hands‐on process, Nanette will show students how to successfully use fabrics, stabilizers, threads in their thread painting projects. Students will learn techniques to layer and blend thread colors. Tips will be presented to help students develop their own style and use their newly found free-motion embroidery skills in their quilting projects. (note: more advanced techniques will be presented in the 6 hour version)

– 6 hours

This technique was featured on Quilting Arts TV Season 2400

Take thread painting skills to a new level with thread painted appliqué. In this workshop, Nanette will show you how to use free motion stitches to add color and texture to a bumble bee image printed on fabric. Instruction will include techniques to make more realistic effects by blending thread colors. The finished thread painted design will be appliquéd to a background and ready for quilting. The workshop also includes bonus instruction on creating the wings of a bumble bee wings or other flying insect. (This course requires each student to pay a nominal kit-fee for the bee applique fabric.)

– 6 hours

This workshop demonstrates how to turn a photograph into an appliqué art quilt. Using a simple photo of a sunflower, Nanette will show you how to create a paper pattern, then use it to create fusible appliqué elements. She’ll walk you through the steps of assembling the pieces to create the fabric design. Through the process, Nanette will share tips and tricks to successfully design applique patterns from photographs to create your own original art quilts.


– 3 or 6 hours

It can be confusing; so many great appliqué quilt patterns and each seems to have a different approach to their project. If you’ve ever wanted to make an appliqué quilt from a purchased pattern, this is a great place to start. Nanette will show you the basics steps needed for raw edge fusible appliqué and how to interpret any fusible appliqué pattern. You’ll discover tips and tricks for making your next appliqué project a success. (Note: 3-hour session requires no sewing / 6-hour session includes instruction on finishing the applique with a sewing machine stitches)