Except for the faeries

The other day a friend posed a question, “What does your perfect day in your studio look like?” On the fly, I came up with an answer, but I have been thinking about the question ever since.

My quick answer had something to do with faeries visiting overnight, putting away what I used that day and neatly setting everything up so I could quickly get to work on my next project.

Reflecting on my answer, I know I said this because getting started is the hardest thing for me. Countless time is wasted looking for the tools or materials needed for a project…almost any project. I try to keep track of things, but I have a habit of putting something down and not remembering where I put it. For example, yesterday I literally spent 30 minutes looking for some paper that I recently purchased for a project. I knew I “had” it in my office somewhere. I kept looking in the same places.  There only a few places I would/could put something like that. I eventually found it, in a drawer that I had opened at least 4 times before I actually saw it. Yes, I really do want that faerie assistant!!

The conversation caused me to reflect. I realized that my “perfect” day is very close to my every day.  It pointed out that I’m living the life I’ve dreamt about … well, except for the faeries. 


(P.S. What does your perfect day look like?)

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