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knock-knockFour weeks from now, I will be hanging a show at the Arts Council of Moore County’s Campbell House Galleries. The exhibit entitled “Paper, Canvas, Cloth” features my work and that of 2 of my friends. We have known each other many years and we each have very different styles. Sharon who paints and draws is a classical realist. Marilyn paints in oils with a tonalist style. I am mixed-media art quilter. Although very different styles, I know our art will look good together because we share similar themes and color palettes.

This is a pivoting point for me. I’ve been in art exhibits before. I’ve been a featured artist in several local art galleries. But, I’ve never been in an art gallery show where I am featured with just 2 other artists who aren’t art quilters. It will be interesting to see how people view this exhibit. Will they consider what I do as art?

Because this exhibit is pivotal point for me, it makes me ask what’s next? What is the long range goal? Some decisions will be based on the reception I get in November, but more so, it is about what I plan to do personally to move forward.

Working to prepare for this show next month has given me time to process my feelings about what’s next. I know that there are exhibiting opportunities that I plan to apply for at the end of the year. I know I have a solo gallery show scheduled 2 years from now.  But I also know I’m going to have let it all play out, because part of the challenge is affording to create the art.

When you exhibit, you have to hoard your work so you have enough to hang on the walls. If you’re hoarding, you can’t sell your work unless the owner is willing to give it back to you during the exhibit dates. But then, some galleries want all or a significant portion of your work for sale. Some exhibits want to keep your work for several years. There has to be a balance of making enough to sell and making enough to exhibit. I’m considering ways to streamline my processes, so I can make things faster.

What others have done is seek teaching and publishing opportunities. This is something I’m seriously considering. But, teaching and publishing also takes time away from making; another balancing act.  For now my goal is to get this show hung, then use November and December to re-group and set the stage for what’s next. My plan is to start 2017 with boots to the ground, running. We’ll see where this road takes me.


Join me for:

Paper, Canvas, Cloth
November 4 – December 17, 2016
Campbell House Galleries, Southern Pines, NC
featuring the work of
Sharon Ferguson, Marilyn Vendemia, & Nanette S. Zeller

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  1. Marilyn says:

    What an exciting passion you obviously have for your art! Breaking new ground in what is considered art always takes a lot of “checking in” with ourselves to be able to bring our dreams into form…I consider that to be one of the highest forms of courage. Love your art, nanette…you have so much to look forward to!

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