Plans for the new year

This past Saturday, we took down the Paper, Canvas, Cloth exhibit. It was a successful show. The gallery noted that a number of people return 2 and 3 times. The greatest success is that each of each sold artwork. That’s the point isn’t? If you’re a professional, you enter shows so you can sell. It’s always sad to take a show down, it reminds me that everything is so temporary.

There are 10 more days until the start of the new year. This time of year, I always spend a lot of time reflecting. I remember all that I’ve done, successes and failures, plus the good and bad. But I also spend a great deal of time contemplating what I’ll do in the upcoming year.

I have several plans that I need to start implementing. My biggest goal for 2017 is financial. This year, as I prepared for Paper, Canvas, Cloth, I took a hiatus from many things that generated income. But I also stepped away from many extracurricular obligations that took up a lot of my time. The frame work is set for me to do some great things. The only thing holding me back is myself.

I always find it interesting to reflect. To think about where I was 12 months ago and what I’ve accomplished. But I’m also eager to get moving onto new things. Have you started thinking about your plans for the new year?

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