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It has been over 10 years that I began reading Quilting Arts Magazine. It has always been my bucket list dream to grace the pages of this inspirational publication. I came close in 2012, when my pet portrait of my dog “Storm” became Mr. September of their calendar.

Since then, I pondered to myself, what do I have that’s worthy of their reader’s interest. I use a lot of tools to create my art, but everything felt ordinary. A few years ago I began experimenting with Prismacolor pencils on fabric. I was so impressed with the depth I could create (my piece “Silenced,” on my home page, was enhanced using them).

I’ve been asked several times by artists I admire, “Why aren’t you publishing?” I had no answer. Early this year I decided to take their challenge and submit a proposal to Quilting Arts. To my joy, they accepted. This summer I wrote the article and created the supporting artwork, I’ve been waiting to share the news since July.

Having worked in the publishing business for many years, I was always told don’t talk about it until its in print. Anything could happen along the way. Today I got the OK to share the news, but to my surprise I get to share even bigger news. My summer tanager gets the limelight as the cover artwork. I cannot explain how amazingly surreal this is. Dreams come true when you put yourself out there.


See my artwork at your local newstand
Quilting Arts Magazine
December/January 2018

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