Where you’re going

I’m on a roll with my latest artwork.  Trees are positioned and its time to add the foliage. This is a bit tedious, because I’m not using a pattern. The tree trunks were cut from a pattern, but the deep groves and foliage are being free-form cut, positioned in place and then fused. Once I have all the greenery in place, I’ll start the thread work. I will quilt and stitch the layers together adding dimension with free-form machine embroidery. Still quite a bit to do, but I can see the progress.

Life is like that. Progress may not be quick, but as along as you keep working at it you’ll see the changes. Never give up, because little by little, you’ll eventually get to where you’re going.


  1. Laura Duffy says:

    I know it will be beautiful when completed. My father always used to say, “If you never get started , you will never finish” and “Do a little each day and the project will soon be finished”. Good words to remember. You are one talented gal. Thanks for sharing. Laura

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