How did they get there?

In less than a week, I will be delivering my artwork to Arts Council of Moore County’s Campbell House Galleries. I will be delivering 19 pieces. All together, Sarah Entsminger, Jenny Williams and I will have close to 60 textile pieces hanging in the gallery through June 25 (see below for details).

I always try to avoid last minute crunches. I plan things out to get things done little by little. I never, however, plan to be wrapped up 7 days early! I am this time. I have no idea how…

I keep reminding myself that the difference this time is I focused on making smaller pieces. Small pieces are more fun to do, but I don’t think the effort to create them is that much different than making larger pieces. I usually frame my small works so they don’t look like “pot holders” hanging on the wall. I modify stock frames so they look like floating frames, hand stitch the work to acid free foam core, assemble, then add the hardware and hanging wire. I do all of it myself, which is a bit tedious, but I enjoy the process. A few years ago, I had a local gallery/frame shop help me. They showed me how to do things the gallery way. Until then, I never knew there were certain ways to wrap the wire or distance to attach the rings. This year, I even invested in a point-driver tool to shoot “points” into the frame. Points are used in place of tiny brad nails to hold the foam core inside the frame. Details, details….

Each step of the way you learn and improve. I reflect back on 10-15 years ago when I first started showing my art. I didn’t know half the stuff I know now. I picked things up little by little. And I know there are still things I need to learn. If you want to grow, it’s important to learn from people who inspire you. Are they doing something you dream of doing? Then, ask how did they get there?


Cloth & Clay
June 4-25, 2021
Artist reception:
June 4th – 6-8pm
Campbell House Galleries, Southern Pines, NC
(click image below for larger view)

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