Which one works best

It’s almost September. The days are rushing by and I wish the cool weather was already here. I also wish things would slow down a little too. My September is going to be a busy month. It feels good to have deadlines to keep me focused, but there’s less room for dawdling.

Our lives go that way, don’t they?  Sometimes we’re streaming through life at a rapid pace. Then there are the occasional pauses for quiet and contemplation. I try to keep a balance, but it’s been a crazy summer of attending to things outside my “work” life. Mental distractions.

Over the course of this year, I’ve been seeking down time to contemplate. What is my purpose?

It’s always a good thing to self-reflect. Are you feeding your soul?

I’ve had some recent “ah-ha” moments that were real revelations. And, soon afterward, affirmations appeared that confirmed I’m on the right track. There will be some changes as I take a few slight detours along my journey. We’ll see how this newest edition of my journey goes.

It’s ok to look at all the options. Think of it as picking thread for a stitching project. You have thousands of colors to choose. Which is the perfect option? Maybe you have to audition a few to see which one works best.

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