Continue moving forward

This month (year) has started with a mix of emotions; excitement about moving forward and apathy toward the constant obstacles with doing the same. In a way, I feel like I’m picking up where I left off 2 years ago. This is a good thing. But with ice storms, power outages, threats of illness and cancellations, … and an MIA art quilt … I’m a bit over it all already.

Just breathe.

As a deadline looms, I will keep going. However, in the back of my mind I have a suspicion my email program isn’t mailing out these blog posts to my subscribers and I have to start working on creating new online courses. The technology issues will have to wait until I can find the time and mental capacity to work on them.

I have made some decisions about some fun things I want to start doing. I’ve also cleared my plate of other things that have taken energy from my path. There’s such a mix of things going on. Yet, isn’t this what a fulfilling life is all about? Even if my heart sometimes wants to argue about it, I will always try to look for the bright side. I will maintain my tenacity to embrace fear and continue moving forward.



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