Take me back home

There are those of us whose passion for creativity is deep. I, for one, cannot remember a time in my life when I was not creating “something.” Over the years, my path has changed course many times. But, there was always some creative passion following with me on the journey.

I frequently get pulled toward new adventures. Yet, sometimes the path doesn’t feel right. I can feel out of balance. Other times, I can’t even pin point what it is. What I know is, I’m off course. I’ve taken a wrong turn.

I’m realizing this is normal. We all have winding paths. Yet, maybe the path isn’t winding enough, so we feel stagnant. To me, the uneasiness means I’ve lost my way. When this happens, its important to reflect on what brings me joy. I ask, what is missing in my life? I usually find that my creative spirit is being ignored. Then, I must look to the light to take me back home.

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