Slow time

I’m feeling a whole lot of emotions right now. Yesterday felt like a trying day and there’s a lot going on today too. Some things are in my control, but there’s a whole lot that’s not. On days like this I feel like I’m falling behind. But, I know I’ll get done what I needs to get done. Some days it looks like the list will be cleared and I’ll get some time off. And then out of nowhere there’s another thing added to the list.

The list will always be there. It never ends (well, at least not until we end anyway). There’s always something that needs attention. Its just a matter of prioritizing and being patient with yourself. Time seems fleeting and we keep grasping. If we stop in the moment, it makes a difference. So…

  • Stop.
  • Take notice.
  • Listen.
  • Focus on what you see.
  • Can you feel yourself breathe?

And,… that’s how you slow time.


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