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As I write this, most of the world is under extreme summer heat conditions. This year is truly a scorcher. Every day, I count my blessing that I have air conditioning that works and I don’t have to work outside. There are plenty of creative activities stashed in my studio waiting for my attention. I’m grateful I have lots to keep me occupied — inside!

Earlier this year I planted a “wild flower” garden along a retaining wall outside my garage. It has truly been a lovely distraction from the heat. I started with seeds, planted the seedlings and I’ve watched them grow (some now over 6 feet tall). Every couple of days the mini-ecosystem changes. First it was the bunnies that visited to dine on the young seedlings. Then, the bees came to pollinate the flowers. Now, its the goldfinches harvesting the seeds and the humming birds and butterflies gathering nectar. I look forward to what will happen after the sunflowers seeds mature. What will visit then?

I’ve seen more variety of activity in my yard this year than I ever have before. If you’ve been following me awhile, you already know that I’ve been taking tons of photos, too! The creative inspiration is overflowing. I love the fact that I can take these photos and render them into applique patterns. New art quilts are in progress!

The garden reminds me that we don’t have to go very far from home to find inspiration. Most people carry cell phones. If we find something interesting we can capture the image for future reference. Maybe its the colors of a sunset that we can use to select fabrics for a bed quilt. Or a building under construction that inspires an abstract design. So much potential everywhere we look. Its so nice to have these photos available, because when the creative energy strikes we have the inspiration to guide us.


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  1. Thank you for sharing the Using Placement Guides for Fusible Applique today. I will now dig out a UFO I’ve been hesitating to start because the large borders on the queen size quilt are all applique and I simply did not know how on earth I would be able to accurately place each piece. Thank you for sharing your talent with us!

    • Nanette Zeller says:

      You are so welcome!!! Yes…create the applique separately and then position it in place on the quilt top. Pin everything in place before you hit it with the iron and everything will work out well. Thanks for watching the Global Quilt Connection Sampler Platter.

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