Have patience

Over the past several months I’ve been taking lots of photos (birds, flowers, butterflies, etc.) I’m now tasked with sorting through them to decide which will be inspiration for my art. I have several ideas of where I’m going with this, but it is a chore to sort them and decide which are clear enough to use.

Birds move constantly, so you have to take lots of photos and hope to get a couple good ones. This new camera I have (thank you NC Arts Council for the grant to purchase it) is very technical. Technology is an awesome tool, but the learning curve is steep. Once I figure it out I can take lots more photos in quick succession. Which means, more opportunities to get a good image to work with. My challenge is figuring out the technology.

There are days I wish everything was simpler. I wish I didn’t have to keep learning new skills (or re-learning updated software). Its the sign of the times. I feel I either keep up with technology or fall behind.

Learning takes time. Whether we’re learning new art techniques or just keeping up with technology, we have to be patient with the process. I’m struggling with that a right now. I want to move faster, see results quicker, and not have to return to fix things that I didn’t do right in the first place.

I know that it is worth the time to learn something new. I’ll be quicker and more proficient when I do. I will also feel more confident as I move forward. I just must remember to have patience.


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