The journey is not over

I spent the past week putting the finishing touches on the re-launch of my “Paint with Thread” course. Last year, I had this online course hosted with a company that decided to shut down the early part of this year. This was one of the first online courses I made and a class I love to teach.

When the hosting site shut down, I debated about what to do next with this course. I wasn’t happy with the way it was…mainly because I had more experience with the software I was using and knew I could make it better. On the other hand, I didn’t want to start from scratch and re-film everything. Instead over the past several months, I’ve been working with what I had, editing videos and revamping the course to fit my new platform “”

Now, I’m ready to publicly re-lauch the class and I wanted to let you know. Here’s an insider’s tip: I always offer new classes to my newsletter subscribers first and… I give them a discount too.

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For me, re-launching this class has demonstrated a personal level of perseverance. I was disappointed the other company shut down, but I understood their circumstances. Did those circumstances have to stop me? Sometimes it feels that way, doesn’t it? Yet perseverance tells us to keep moving forward. Although it may feel hard, it is important to find the energy to stand up, dust ourselves off and keep walking — no matter how slow the steps may be. We are still making progress towards our goals. Remember, you’re still here and the journey is not over.



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