Either way its OK

Last post I bragged about my regular weekly habit of writing a blog post. Already this year, I seem to have fallen behind. I’m learning is OK not fret these things. Sometimes life directs the circumstances and you have to go with the flow. More often then not, our expectations of ourselves are more important to us then the people we know.

Many times I fretted about letting someone down and their response was “that’s ok, not big deal.” In similar situations, I’ve offered the same response to others. Why are we so hard on ourselves? I may get behind on things, but I don’t think there ever will be a time that I’m caught up. Its important to accept that.

As I’ve been straightening up things in my studio, I found many projects that were put aside. Some were things I had already started and some were things I just wanted to do so I felt more organized. In my last post, I showed you the decorative trim I was working with. This is something I’ve had for at least 2 years…sitting in a box as a “to do.” Finding it again, I could have moved it out of my way or I could have tackled it. I decided to sift through it to find what I wanted to keep and donate what I didn’t.

Another project I had was organizing my embroidery floss. Before I started quilting, I use to do a lot of counted cross stitch. I no longer have the patience for this type of sewing, but I don’t want to get rid of the floss. I frequently find uses for it. A few years ago, I started winding the loose hanks of floss onto wooden clothespins. I feel it is a much better way to store the thread, because it doesn’t get all tangled and knotted. After winding all the loose threads, I realized that I had a bunch of floss on flat plastic bobbins. It bothered me that I had two different methods of storage so I opted to re-wind it all on the clothespins.

Does it really matter how I store it? No. Its my choice. Would it matter to anyone if I left it as it was? No. However, my expectations were to have it all stored the same. Every time I re-discovered them, I told myself to finish the job … but not today. Sometimes it matters enough to take care of it and sometimes no one else will really care…. either way its OK.

PS… all the floss is now on clothespins!


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