Meant to be

What’s meant for you will sometimes feel scary, risky, and new.
Easy and calm doesn’t always mean you are going the right way.~ Young Pueblo

Last week I saw an opportunity and applied for something where the deadline was just days away and I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare. I do that alot … prepare. Sometimes I put too much time into preparing and often miss opportunities by (for lack of better work) … procrastinating. I don’t know what will come out of this, but then again…I never do. I frequently take the risk and throw the dart at the bullseye. Sometimes it hits center, sometimes not.

As a creator, we have to do that sometimes. It could be as simple as spending hours creating a gift for someone and not knowing if the recipient will appreciate it. Or, it can be more humbling as entering your art into a juried exhibit and waiting for an acceptance/rejection letter. Sometimes we have to take the risk and just go for it. That’s what perseverance is all about. Taking risks… again and again.

When you take a risk, what do you really have to lose? We may lose some pride or feel disappointment, but it really hasn’t changed who we are. If you’re a creator and don’t take chances, what’s holding you back? Are you making things for the kudos or are you making things because you love making them? No matter what, it is always safer to stay away from the edge. But, does that make life boring?

I frequently catch myself in the safe zone. Its comfortable there. Being there keeps my anxiety down. It is easy, smooth sailing. But, “easy” doesn’t give me as much gratification. I can do easy. When I push myself, even if it is just a little, I open myself to dreaming and learning new things I’m opening my energy to greater confidence. I say to myself, like:
If I can do this and succeed, it will give me great pride.
If I do this and succeed, I will move up a level with my skills.

I don’t like feeling stagnant, so I try to take risks. Maybe I don’t do it as often at I’d like, but I like to try things out of my comfort level. In doing so, I can only hope that what is scary, risky and new is what is meant to be.




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