Today I am admitting that I’ve been in a creative slump. This past month I’ve been trying to process what’s going on. I’ve always loved creating, but I’ve been struggling.

Why? Where did my energy go? Where is time going?

I’ve been contemplating: “Have I lost my mojo?” What I’ve realized is that there has been been A LOT going on! Reflecting on the year, I’ve had some wonderful times and some times that set me back.

What I’ve realized is we have to focus on what’s in front of us. Sometimes we use our creativity to heal. And, other times we need to heal before we can focus on our creativity.

What I’ve realized is I’m evolving. I have ideas in my head that are peculating. I’ve been avoiding … yes, call it what it is: “procrastinating.” I’ve felt guilty, but I also had to attend to what is in front of me. Priorities. Promises. Life circumstances. Things both in and out of my control.

I’ve been contemplating and listening to podcasts like “Creative Peptalk” and “Art Juice.” They helped me realize I’m not alone. We all go through it. In one of these podcasts the question came up: “what do you do when your procrastinate?” Is this somewhere you want to be? Is it somewhere you should be? Is it somewhere you should put more focus?

It is good to reflect and process our thoughts and feelings. Some of us just need more time with it than others. If you ever feel this way, I want to encourage you to let all the guilt go.
Wherever you are … hold space.
Wherever you are … You are enough!

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