Collected treasures

I’m a collector of things. Some of my collectables are colorful and pretty. Other’s are dirty and rusty. I can’t really explain it, if I’m drawn to something, it usually has to come home with me. Some things have a special memory and I just can’t throw them away. Sometimes they are just too pretty to part with. And, other times I’m certain I could use the item in another project. I guess I have a fear that in the future I might miss that “thing” I threw out. Oh, believe me, I’ve thrown out (or donated) things that I wished I had kept.

I frequently try to use up stuff like leftover fabrics, threads, and yarn. But I’m slow. It takes me years to knit a sweater. I’ve also held on to fabrics for a long time thinking…someday I’ll use it. Some of the fabric I own once belonged to my mother and even my grandmothers. I don’t think I’m a hoarder; my house isn’t busting at the seams. So I think I have a healthy collecting habit, but what do I do with all of it?

One thing I like doing is using my precious scraps in slow stitch projects. Pictured is one of my favorites. I used embroidery thread and random stitch patterns to attach little scraps of fabrics to denim. When it was finished I inserted a scrap of dyed wool, stitched it together and now it is a handy little needle keeper. I love the colors. It is a treat to look at the fabrics and remember where they came from.

Although I “try” to be in the moment when I place the scraps, I’ve noticed how difficult this is. Notice there is a lot of symmetry happening in this pin keeper; squares and repeating placement of shapes. Nothing wrong about that, just interesting to notice. I like this piece a lot and that probably says something about how I seek balance. Do you collect? Do you have creative ways you use your collected treasures?

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